Prescott Vertical Mixer

Prescott Vertical Mixers are influential for propulsion, ammunition, pyrotechnic and energetic manufacturing. Prescott Vertical Mixers are all ASME or CE certified and constructed. The Planetary Vertical Mixers are designed first and foremost with the client’s safety in mind at all times. All Prescott Vertical Mixers encompass a twofold blade kneading action. The kneading process guarantees batch integration, while eliminating the unresponsive mixing spots within the bowl. The Planetary Mixers are driven with a hydraulic drive or an electrical explosion proof motor. The mixing bowls are designed to be jacketed for thermal heating or cooling and are inter-changeable, allowing for perpetual process batch mixing.

Prescott Vertical Mixers can be personalized with modifications to adapt to your process needs.

Various Options Include:

***All projects are finished to exacting precision while maintaining client confidentiality! ***
*** Sizes range from a 1/4th US wet pint Lab Size to a full 750 US wet gallon manufacturing size ***