Lab Scale

ICMA's Lab systems are perfectly equipped for use as development units with the same process engineering features and equipment applied to production scale extrusion lines in order to ensure reliable and safe scale-up. These units are extremely compact and user-friendly.

Modular screws of the co-rotating extruder with several geometries and different barrel designs are combined with a wide range of ancillary equipment to deliver maximum flexibility.

  MCM 18 MCM 25
Screws diameter mm 18 25
Max. screws speed rpm 1200 1200
Motor power kW 8.5 22.5
Torque per shaft Nm 34 90
Average Capacity Kg/h 5/40 10/80

Who should buy

Companies studying new processes and/or upgrading an existing formulation before going into production. Also ideal for producing small batches.


The ICMA lab-scale co-rotating extruder can be an important addition to any operation and can help: