Prescott Batch Mixing

Prescott Machine, batch mixing equipment is engineered with a focus to meet and exceed any customers’ needs. The sigma blade and double arm mixers are built with the right characteristics to handle mixes from light to heavy viscosity mix products.

Prescott mixers are used worldwide in a variety of processes applications including; Chemical, Pigment’s, Explosive’s, Plastic, Foods, Carbon Electrodes, Battery Paste, Pharmaceuticals, Adhesives, Rubbers, Silicone, PVC Coatings, Chewing Gum and Resins...

Options available:

Prescott’s, Sigma/ Double Arm mixers are available from the laboratory size to full on production sizes.
Productions sizes range from 200 liter (52 wet US Gallons) to 3,800 liters (1,008 wet US Gallons).