In our continued commitment to co-rotating technology, ICMA has developed a powerful new class of extruders, the HP (High-Performance) family, that combines a boosted torque (16 Nm/cm3) with a higher free-volume of the screw channel with a D/d Nominal ratio of 1.65.

In addition to boosting torque and volume, we enhanced this new extruder family with a series of technology solutions to improve energy efficiency. That includes a high-efficiency water-cooled AC motor and an innovative insulation system that reduces heat losses at the barrel. The HP family is designed for the most demanding compounding applications, and capable of processing materials that require high specific energy, with higher yields, while reducing energy consumption.

A clam-shell barrel execution is also available on request.

This line represents the perfect combination of high-torque, high free-volume, and high energy efficiency.

The HP family was developed through sophisticated production techniques and attention to material selection.

The development process was supported by the mechanical department of the Polytechnic of Milan, which ran calculations, laboratory tests and Fem developments to certify final mechanical performance.

The extruder is available at ICMA's laboratory for testing and trials.

HP D/d Nominal ratio 1.65 Nominal Specific torque Md/a3 16 Nm/cm3
42HP 53HP 62HP 74HP 82HP 96HP 112HP
Screws diameter mm 42 53 62 74 82 96 112
Max. screws speed rpm 1300 1300 1300 1300 1300 1100 1000
Motor power hp 210 433 688 1170 1606 2216 3224
Motor power kW 157 323 513 873 1198 1652 2405
Torque per shaft ft./lbs. 420 870 1380 2360 1810 3240 5280
Torque per shaft Nm 576 1185 1883 3204 4396 7164 11473