Prescott Machine PM-C Centrifuge

With Dr. Walter J. Podbielniak's invention of the liquid – liquid centrifuge in 1945, liquid extraction became highly efficient. His centrifuge was capable of providing differential countercurrent extractions that could produce 3-5 theoretical extraction stages. Prescott Machine has taken this centrifugal technology to a new level of design and performance, producing a hermetically sealed centrifuge with an extremely high level of reliability. Prescott Machine's horizontal centrifuge is uniquely designed to be used in applications from: extraction, separation, and simultaneous separation with countercurrent wash. Prescott Machine's centrifuges provide an increased stability in operation and are more tolerant to operational vibrations. Our PM-C series centrifuges are designed to facilitate top volume performance of your extraction or separation process. Also, the versatility of the Prescott Machine centrifuge can be easily tailored to your specific application. Once the PM-C centrifuge is installed in your facility, it requires minimal supervision. By utilizing variable frequency drives, our centrifuge allows for an unprecedented ease of operation. Prescott Machine's great mechanical design and unique processing, offers an industrial designed centrifuge that will meet and exceed your extraction / separation applications.

Primary Applications:


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