The Prescott Advantage

Prescott Machine LLC is a diverse industry-leader in producing superior, dependable, strong suited, highly reliable process manufacturing equipment.

Prescott Machine brings over 35 years of genuine insight, wisdom and design means for delivering mixing, kneading and compounding systems for the variety of global processing applications. Prescott can provide you with the key single piece of process equipment or a complete turnkey solution to achieve and bring about your process plant to a more economical and productive means.

Prescott’s equipment solutions give rise to completely achieving the client’s expectations for the highest level of precision and quality of results. Prescott’s superior, dependable, strong suited, highly reliable equipment is used in such fields as; pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, specialty chemical, plastics, aluminum, food and beverage, and aerospace and defense.

Service and support at Prescott Machine recognizes even the best-made equipment needs designated service to maintain top performance. Prescott machine sustain corporate skilled, educated and trained field service support to assist you with your operation service needs. The field service teams are capable of returning your process equipment to the operation specifications when it was first installed.

Prescott also offers wide array of spare parts and modification supplies to continue your process operation. Prescott machine spare parts and mod kits will help enhance the life and performance of your equipment operations.